I find it odd that Andrew Abaza (Letters, August 4) claims to be a cyclist and support cycle lanes, yet is concerned about spending relatively small amounts of public money on building them.

If he is so worried about the £700,000 spent on Old Shoreham Road, less than half of which came from Brighton and Hove City Council , why has he not protested about the £80 million being spent on the A23 at Handcross?

As usual, the motoring lobby is ignoring the benefits of promoting walking and cycling.

It also completely ignored the points made by Graham Howson (Letters, July 27) about the wider costs motoring places on society.

If these are added up – air pollution, congestion, damage to buildings, cost of crashes, etc – they come to more than is currently collected in tax.

Repeating the usual tripe about going back to the horse and cart, these howls of indignation from the motoring lobby show who is really living in the past. Their thinking has not moved on and they have no constructive solutions to offer.

Chris Todd, Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth