I WRITE in response to your story “Drinkers on streets put off visitors,” (The Argus, August 9).

If Brighton and Hove City Council provided more day centres and rehab facilities, the drinking problem would be less of an issue.

What about providing designated drinking areas for what are often labelled the “transient” and “homeless”?

As for Anne Martin’s view of the Palace Pier as the manager of it, she asks people to finish drinks before coming on to the pier, but it’s OK for her to have a pub at the end of it.

I think this is a form of social class prejudice.

It seems people view outdoor drinking as a nasty blot on the landscape.

Julia Chanteray, the president of the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce, should come down from her ivory tower and look at the underlying nature of addiction.

If you can’t afford to drink in a pub, then you have to drink outdoors.

That’s basic economics.

Kevin Ryan, Horley, Surrey