A Brighton artist is looking to re-home a mammoth mural.

Fred Pipes produced a series of murals which were placed on buildings around Brighton.

The iconic images include Saltdean Lido, Embassy Court and Shoreham Airport and were on show around the city for around two years, including at the former Astoria cinema in Gloucester Place.

Mr Pipes, who originally hails from Bury, saved the artwork from the scrapyard but due to the size of the prints he was at a loss of what to do with them so he made an appeal online and gave the works away.

The works were made by an industrial sized inkjet printer in Henfield.

He said: “I got a phone call from a chap telling me they were coming down and he asked if I wanted them – if not they were going in a skip.

“I put it on Facebook and a couple of people said they would take them straight away. I’ve got one left of Shoreham Airport.

“I used to cycle past them every day – it did give me a buzz.”

Mr Pipes said two of his prints were due to go on show in the gardens of his niece and nephew while another has been claimed and is set to be installed in the bedroom of the recipient.

He added: “I was quite surprised anybody wanted them. They are quite big but I’ve only got the one left.”

Mr Pipes said he has made an approach to Shoreham Airport and hopes the print will join its visitor centre.