Yet again, we see more reports of cruel air rifle shootings (The Argus, August 2 and 3).

The first was Tia, a six-week-old kitten cruelly shot in the head twice but miraculously recovering and looking brave in the photograph printed in The Argus.

The second incident was the shooting of 16 seagulls in Seaford. It is thought this was carried out by haters of the gulls unable to tolerate the necessary vocal sounds made during their nesting season.

Yes, seagulls are vocal at this time of year, but every sound they make is necessary in the rearing of their young and contacting their mate.

I would say every gull shot was a parent gull, leaving young gulls to a miserable end.

Sadly those responsible for this will probably not be caught. Cowards know they are safe – that is their strength in their cowardly actions.

How many more of these insane shootings are we going to see before something is done about air rifles?

Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove