The post-Olympic blues have hit many of us pretty hard. But one man is fighting back by producing his own set of motivational posters.

Poet and self-confessed prankster, Phil Lucas, said: “My girlfriend picked up this motivational CD and it was full of statements about being like a cheetah or a lion.

“So I decided to have some fun with it.”

The 42-year-old produced his own set of posters and put them up around Hove.

Among the most eye-catching, one read: “The fox becomes cunning by learning through repetition. Today and tomorrow rip open your neighbour’s bin bag.”

Another said: “You are a lion, go disembowel a gazelle.”

Although none lasted more than two days, people were seen studying the tongue-in-cheek posters.

Phil added: “I saw one woman who read it then walked off looking very bemused.

“On another which said ‘the cat is calm before striking. Today, be calm. Catch the mouse of hope’ someone had written ‘yeah, but mind the tail’.

“It made no sense but I was pleased that someone had bothered to interact.”

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