I am a motorist and have nothing good to say for the Green Party or its policies.

However, I cannot see why people are up in arms about fining motorists for “minor” traffic infringements (The Argus, August 29).

If I drive in a bus lane or the wrong way up a one-way street, or block a box junction, I fully expect to get a fine.

I am no goodygoody, but the fines are only a cash cow if you let them be.

Maybe a fine for going over the cyclists’ stop line is a bit strong, but why do it just to be two metres further forward? For what? To buy you two extra seconds?

I’m fed up with waiting while some moron waits to be let out while performing an illegal right turn.

Claudia Moore, Kingsway, Hove

So the Greens now back the use of CCTV to fine car drivers for minor offences? How unexpected.

Naturally, the same surveillance system will also be used to fine cyclists who ride on pavements (completely illegal), cross pelican crossings when the light is red and pedestrians are still on them, jump red traffic lights, ignore the No Entry signs of one-way roads and ride without lights after dark.

The cry will go up that “you can’t tell who the cyclist is from CCTV”. So the next law is that they must have a permanently-lit registration plate, clearly visible on the rear mudguard (what rear mudguard?).

Since batteries are not really green (they use metal, chemicals and all that modern gubbins) the registration plate must be lit from a dynamo, which might as well also power the lights (what lights?).

Finally, failure to comply with this should be the same as for a car with no road tax. So the bike would be taken away and crushed.

All I can say is don’t hold your breath.

M Boyask, New Church Road, Hove

Motoring lobbyist Steve Percy says he can’t see any reason why councils would do this other than to raise money.

The reason why is in the story: to stop motorists breaking the law and endangering pedestrians and cyclists just to save themselves a few minutes.

Andy Ashby, Donald Hall Road, Brighton