A comic strip about Brighton has been turned into a board game requiring players to explore the city’s lesser-known areas.

Cartoonist Paul Stapleton decided to convert his comic strip BN1 into BN1 – The Board Game and after eight months’ work 200 copies are now available for pre-order.

Paul, 36, of Brighton, said: “I wanted to get a mix of well-known tourist locations and comparatively unknown or slightly secret places – so there’s the Pier, Pavilion and West Street but also the Chattri, the Pepper Pot, the views from the top of Bear Road, the pet cemetery and rabbit roundabout.”

It is described as “a satirical, open-ended adventure around Brighton”, with the aim of the game to explore the hidden secrets, events and characters that make Brighton so exciting.

A flurry of interest arose when play-testers pointed out factual errors in earlier versions of the game, which Paul has since had checked by historians since starting production on the game in May.

Paul said: “Since announcing pre-orders, the response has been great.”

The idea was born after drunken conversations about the notion of creating a Brighton board game.

The boxes and boards feature intricately drawn illustrations of Brighton landmarks, from the Brighton Centre to the football stadium.

Paul has used small UK-based printers to make the games, which he says is “more fitting for a place like Brighton”. Each game will be a hand-numbered limited edition.

He added: “The game is a satire on Brighton life that champions the eccentrics and pokes fun at the ones who take it all far too seriously.”

Paul said that it would make a great present for anyone with a love of Brighton, and that the game also works as an educational tool for the history and geography of the town.

He is hoping that the game will prove popular, and if the first batch sells out,he intends to produce more copies.

BN1 – The Board Game is likely to be out by the end of October, and a pre-ordered copy will cost £26 for Brighton and Hove residents who can have the game delivered once it is released.

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