While I am appreciative of the articles written by John Keenan (The Argus, August 17) and Adam Trimingham (August 29) as they both indicate our wishes for the King Alfred site as well as looking at the city needs, I would like to elaborate a little on our intentions for this site.

Both articles, while well written, fail to include some fundamental points.

It has always been our intention to provide a “community-led” building which is a “not for profit” centre delivering leisure as well as the arts.

Our plans have always given equal balance to leisure and arts – among other things, we plan to provide a new 50-metre swimming pool, something Brighton and Hove has never had.

We want to deliver to a hub for leisure, music, theatre, art and education.

We will present our plans to Brighton and Hove City Council as soon as we are able to. In the meantime, we remain in consultation with various parties to make sure that when we present our plans they reflect what the majority would like to see.

I doubt we will ever be able to keep everyone happy or deliver what everyone wants. However, we will consider all ideas presented to us and aim to provide the city with something truly inspiring, community-based and to make the city proud.

Perhaps, as a city, we can together try to turn a negative into a positive.

Robert Starr, The Edward Starr Charitable Trust

In Brighton and Hove we already have centres for the performing arts and plenty of schools. What we do not have and have not had for many years is an ice rink.

The King Alfred is a sports centre, so please let it remain that way, but with the addition of an ice rink.

There is no doubt how popular this sport is when you see how far skaters are travelling at the moment. Simon James put forward an excellent scheme for a temporary rink until the Black Rock site is, if ever, built.

Why not have a shares system to raise the £1 million so that local people who really want an ice rink can be part of this?

Elisabeth Steen Woodroffe, Roman Road, Hove