Residents have been left pondering whether life exists elsewhere in the universe after mysterious lights appeared in the night sky.

Argus readers have reported strange lights appearing above Brighton and Hove on Saturday night.

John Hatton, from Hollingbury, Brighton, said he saw some strange lights for about two minutes in the sky on Saturday at about 10.15pm which changed colour before disappearing within the blink of an eye.

The 53-year-old said: “The lights were coming from Ditchling and they were yellow and then turned to red.

“The lights were too circular for planes and after about two minutes they just shot off into the atmosphere.

“I told my daughter and she said you’ve just seen a UFO.

“For me seeing is believing and what I saw has made me a believer.

Amanda Severn also contacted The Argus to tell us about her close encounter of the third kind.

She said: “At 8.20pm on Saturday I was travelling west on the A27 when I saw a large group of red lights hanging in the sky over Hangleton.

“They were very large, and seemed quite close.

“There were around a dozen in total.

“When I was eventually able to stop,I could no longer see the lights, but there were quite a number of very wide trails clearly visible in the sky.”

Did you see the lights? Can you shed any light on them? If so email or call 01273 544516.