On Wednesday my wife and I were walking along the promenade near Hove lagoon, when we came across a mother with her young child in a pushchair.

Both the mother and child were upset, the child with a bruised and scratched face. When I asked if she needed help, I was told the child had been hit and knocked over by a speeding cyclist, who did not have the courage to stop and ask if the child needed help.

A witness to this “hit and run” lent the woman his mobile to call emergency services.

It is time Brighton and Hove City Council and the police did something to stop unthinking and careless cyclists from using our promenades and pavements as a means of getting from A to B.

A great deal of money has been spent by the council to provide cycle lanes and cyclists should use them. If not, they should get on-the-spot fines for riding in areas clearly marked “No cycling”. If they don’t have money with them, confiscate their bicycles.

Paul Mitchell, Vale Avenue, Brighton

Much has been written about the cycle lanes on Old Shoreham Road, but I feel compelled to write.

Last Sunday, we were lucky to be basking in sunshine and thought, while driving along this stretch of road, I would see plenty of cyclists using these wonderful lanes.

I was wrong. I only saw two and they were riding on the pavement.

Is this money well spent, or not?

Martine Forrest, Roman Way, Southwick