It is a new one-way street to all road users – except cyclists.

Motorists are concerned a new cycle lane appears to defy the recently installed “no entry” signs in Windmill Street, Brighton.

Brighton and Hove City Council , which is behind the move, believes the two-way travel scheme will encourage more people to travel on two wheels.

Yet some are not convinced and have questioned how safe the new layout will be.

Ken Frost, an accountant who lives in the area, said: “It is an accident waiting to happen.

“Motorists who enter from the other end of the road are not warned that cyclists are coming in the opposite direction to them.

“The no entry signs do not have anything on them that says ‘except cyclists’.”

Safety The changes are part of the council’s recent extended residents’ parking zone, which includes Albion Hill and other neighbouring streets.

The contraflow lanes already exist in other areas of the city such as Jubilee Road and Preston Street.

A further 20 are to follow in the North Laine area of the city.

Keen cyclist Mark Strong, a member of the city’s transport partnership, said: “From a safety point of view I do not think there is any problem.

“It’s probably safer now than it was when it was two way car travel.

It’s a perfectly straight road.

“I know people will say cyclists always go the wrong way up one way streets but there’s nothing in Windmill Street that’s not already being done in other places.

“It’s about getting the message across to cyclists and other road users.”

But motoring lobbyist Steve Percy, of the city-based People’s Parking Protest, said: “I’m not sure there’s room. The poor motorist is getting put upon all the time by this obsession of the Greens to put cycle lanes everywhere.”

A council spokesman said: “So called cycle contraflow lanes are universal across Europe and the UK.

“They are not inherently unsafe as long as they are designed properly.

“We’re due to install about 20 more in the North Laine area in order to improve cycle access there and avoid cyclists being needlessly diverted around.”

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