Has the RSPCA lost the plot?

I remember only too well when Sussex Police's Assistant Chief Constable Nigel Yeo made the merciless decision to impose the death sentence on police dog Bruce for simply doing his job, albeit too enthusiastically, when he bit a teenager's ear.

When the exact amount of force required to restrain a person who may be a direct threat to society or indeed himself is exceeded, if the repercussion is a death sentence, surely this should also condemn the many human members of the police force who, at worst, are in fact disciplined, retained or thrown out of the force, not executed.

So how could a man such as Nigel Yeo land a senior position with the RSPCA?

The handler and family of police dog Bruce were well documented to be absolutely devastated by the loss of their family member.

Flowers and messages of condolence flooded in from horrified people worldwide.

  • J Hamilton, Greenbank Avenue, Saltdean