Residents in another Brighton neighbourhood are faced with having to pay to park outside their homes.

Proposals to introduce a residents’ parking scheme in London Road Station North and Round Hill have been put forward by Brighton and Hove City Council.

A five-week consultation between residents of the areas and the council will run until November 9, during which residents will receive information packs and questionnaires about current parking options.

The consultation is in response to concerns raised by some residents about parking in the area.

Steve Rimington, who lives in Round Hill, said: “We as an area support the proposals very much. It’s good to have a parking space within 100 yards of getting home.

"It was mentioned in documentation that was sent to us from a local group that if we don’t do something about it, the spread of people parking in the area is going to get worse, which means we’ll eventually be pushed out.”

Those who do not agree with the scheme have warned residents to think before they agree to proposals.

Steve Percy, of the People’s Parking Protest, said: “When the council took over and started putting in the new zones, schemes like this were forced upon people.

“They do one area and then another area and it becomes self-perpetuating then. It creates a cycle; everywhere is a concrete jungle of parking. This area is just one more.”

Mr Percy said residents should be aware that having a parking permit doesn’t necessarily guarantee a parking space.

He added: “It depends how many places will be available. They need to really consider it. At the end of the day, there’s nothing worse than having a parking permit, you come home and there’s no parking space.”

Ian Davey, chairman of the transport committee for Brighton and Hove City Council, said the consultation for controlled parking zones in the two areas was a response to requests from local residents, many of whom have been campaigning for years to be included in the scheme.

He added: “Experience in other areas, particularly south of London Road Station, show how popular these schemes are with local residents and how they can transform the area for the better.

“The only areas that have waiting list for permits are zone Y and Z in the city centre. Further away from the city centre the demand for permits decreases. In the area south of London Road, the availability of permits and spaces is more than sufficient to meet local demand.”

An exhibition of the proposals will be held at Stanford Avenue Methodist Church on October 25 between 1.30pm and 5.30pm and on October 26 between 3.30pm and 7.30pm. Residents will be able to scrutinise preliminary designs and put their questions to council officers.

An unstaffed exhibition will be held on the ground floor of Hove Town Hall from October 1 to October 31, between 9am and 5pm.

Click on the links below for more details of the consultation, and to take part in an online survey on the plan

London Road Station North

Round Hill