A headteacher has been forced to scold parents for swearing in front of primary school children.

Jon Reynard, head of Seaford Primary School, said he was tipped off about the “inappropriate behaviour and very inappropriate language” at the school gate by concerned mothers and fathers.

In a letter to parents, he described the incidents as “unacceptable”.

He wrote: “I would respectfully request that all adults |act as role models for the children of our school at all times.”

He told The Argus: “This is the first time we have had reports of this in my nine years – it has never happened before.

“We had a couple of anonymous reports from parents who were concerned that their children could have heard the language.

“Children pick things up and we do not want them picking up inappropriate language so I felt it was appropriate to inform parents.”

He added that he had his suspicions about those responsible, but declined to name them or detail what was said.

Parents of pupils at the Wilkinson Way school,which is run by East Sussex County Council, said they were shocked by the warning.

Heidi French, 23, of Connaught Road, has a five-year-old son, Riley, at the school.

She said: “I was shocked when I saw it on the newsletter, although I don’t know who is involved. You don’t want children to hear swear words.

“Nothing has been said among any of the parents I know, although there are a lot of well-to-do parents who have children at this school so perhaps they complained.”

Another mother, who asked not to be named, added: “I saw the warning and was very surprised – there has never been anything like this before.

“It makes me wonder if it is some- one who has not had a child at the school before.

“It was a real shock as most of the parents are pleasant, but I would not want my child to hear very inappropri- ate language.”

A third mother, who also asked to remain anonymous, said: “I got an email telling me about it and I was very surprised.

“It is not appropriate – children pick things up and I would not want them picking up bad language.”