I was more than pleased to read that Brighton and Hove City Council has ruled out shooting seagulls in a cull when it looked at new measures to stop household rubbish being spread about by these birds (The Argus, October 8).

Let us not forget that foxes and cats also contribute to the opening of bin bags. The council doesn’t consider shooting them.

It says, “Britain is a nation of animal lovers,” and that this was the reason for not culling seagulls.

I hope it didn’t forget the herring gull is in decline and is now a protected bird.

I gather the council’s pest control department will advise people on how to stop gulls from nesting near them. As long as this doesn’t include netting (which can tangle birds and subsequently involve the RSPCA) and providing deterrents are put in place before April, it should work.

We should remember this area is a seaside resort. We should expect seagulls. We have to be more tolerant of city wildlife.

We are lucky to have such diverse urban wildlife and I for one appreciate it. The council has made the right decision on this one.

Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove