RECENT tennis improvements at Devonshire Park in Eastbourne are estimated to have benefitted the local economy by around £40,000.

The work, as part of the Devonshire Quarter scheme, involved the building of the new tennis players’ facility, creating a new show court, installing of a modern irrigation system and enlarging existing courts.

Workers from outside the area stayed in local independent hotels and used a variety of establishments for meals and entertainment.

Meanwhile, local builders’ merchants and suppliers were used for trade items.

The amount of local labour was over 25 per cent for four out of the six months that this work took place.

This aspect of the Devonshire Quarter scheme also enabled 20 NVQ starts and 17 NVQ completions and two apprentice starts and completions.

Eight local Eastbourne residents gained employment on site and 17 staff on site were previously unemployed.

The tennis centre is seen as a major part of the economy of the thriving seaside resort.

The council has invested heavily in the area.