A GROUP of Masters students from City, University of London enjoyed a behind-the-scenes tour of Shoreham Port.

The students were shown around key areas of the port by Shoreham Port’s director of engineering and in-house tour guide Tony Parker.

The students visited Shoreham to expand their knowledge of the different types of port operations that take place.

They learnt about the need for dredging, the prevailing weather influences on the Port and the importance of being environmentally aware.

As an open and transparent trust port, Shoreham Port regularly invites students for behind-the-scenes tours.

Tours offer students a unique opportunity to visit areas of the port which are usually off limits to the public.

They can witness at firsthand the activities taking place and the many job roles which enable the port to run smoothly.

The group were taken around the port on a coach and visited sites including Brighton Terminal, the new warehouse on the Outer Layby, the dry dock and the pump house, where they learnt about the importance of engineering at the port.

Mr Parker said: “It’s always a great pleasure to show students from City, University of London around Shoreham Port.”

Valerie Stringer, module leader of marketing of maritime services at City, University of London, said: “I am grateful to Shoreham Port for facilitating this visit.

“It provides a classic example of the need to adapt to change and respond to supply and demand by diversifying from the traditional trades of the past.”