THIS is the first in a series of columns from Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce.

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IS it really 100 years since the women’s vote was won?

If you take a look at the changes since the vote, there has been a huge number of advances, some positive and some not so easy, to adjust to.

Women have gradually taken more high-powered roles in business, entered roles previously thought unsuitable for women and have broken many other business barriers.

Within the Chamber we see many women have taken the opportunity to adapt their skills and are adding running a business around their busy family lives.

The parenting role is more shared and bosses/business owners have a better approach to flexible working for both parents to accommodate this.

It’s not an easy task for small businesses but the gain can be a more dedicated staff who appreciate the support.

With the growth of working from home supported by the digital boom I am sure there will be more to come and it is allowing dads to be more involved which is welcomed by all.

The Chamber was quite a leader in womens’ interaction as it had a woman president, Dorothy Peters of Chloe Antiques in 1976.

There has always been a mixed executive with equal opportunity to be involved and we welcome more female involvement……let us know if you are interested.

There has to be some pay-off with change and maybe some feel that the family dynamics has taken a bit of a hit?

Quality family time is something different than 100 years ago that’s for sure.

More dining out, micro meals and fast food make this doable and having the money to enjoy free time isn’t all bad, is it?

Change happens and let’s embrace the good parts as much as possible and minimise the negatives, that’s normal business sense I think.

Tina Tilley


Worthing and Adur Chamber

Sphere Business Centre