MORE THAN 7,000 people have signed a petition to bring back a night bus service.

Brighton and Hove Buses announced the closure of night services to Preston Park, Patcham and Hollingbury last week.

The move was met with anger from commuters with transport watchdog Buswatch calling the change “drastic”.

One passenger was so annoyed she started an online petition calling on the bus company to backtrack and reinstate the doomed service.

Other angry customers have chipped in with their comments on the petition.

Peter Altwegg posted that he signed the petition “because we have a social responsibility to give people the right to a guaranteed safe trip home”.

Ryan Hepburn, another signer, said: “A night-time bus service for workers, students, residents and visitors should absolutely be the ‘norm’ in a place that considers itself a functioning, modern and civilised city.”

The petition, which was organised by Maisie Buchan, has a goal of 5,000 signatures and will be sent to Brighton and Hove Buses.

It says: “For the city’s size, Brighton and Hove has an above average number of hospitality workers, many who will be left unable to get home without forking out several hour’s wages on taxi, or face walking home alone late at night.”

The changes, which will come into effect from January 14, also affect Portslade and New Church Road, Hove.

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove Buses said: “We have received a fair amount of feedback but we should stress that a lot of this is from people whose journey will not be directly affected or where alternatives are available so we have been able to offer advice in these cases.

“We apologise for those who will be affected and understandably they have contacted us to raise their concerns.

“In some cases there are alternatives but we accept that this is not always possible.”

He added that the company has invested in the night service in the past year.

He said: “The vast majority of the night bus users will be unaffected by the changes as the busier sections of route are continuing to operate.

“We’ll take on board customer feedback about these changes and will welcome to new ideas and suggestions, but in the areas that were affected hardly anyone was using the services so it is unlikely that we will be able to reinstate the services as they were.”

Maisie said: “I decided to start the petition because I believe that the buses should be serving the public.

“It is a matter of safety that people can get home in a secure way late at night.

“There have been a number of attacks in my area and walking home is not a safe option.

“Martin Harris has also told me it’s not financially viable.

“Again, I think that safety should be the priority over money.”