BROADCASTER Sir David Attenborough has been announced as the winner of the John Maynard Keynes Prize.

The Blue Planet icon will receive the award and deliver a lecture as part of the Charleston Festival on May 21.

The prize "celebrates outstanding thinkers and practitioners who have put their gifts to the enhancement of humanity".

Last year's winner was scientist Stephen Hawking.

Of the decision to award the 2018 prize to Mr Attenborough, chair of the panel Dame Liz Forgan said: "David Attenborough’s exceptional gift of communication has made it easy for us all to share his deep understanding of the natural world.

"He has been our trusted guide and teacher in the air, under the sea, in desert, tundra and jungle with humour, colour, imagination and good science.

"If our grandchildren inherit a sustainable planet he will deserve their gratitude.”

David Attenborough said: “I am greatly honoured that the Charleston Festival has awarded me its Charleston-EFG John Maynard Keynes Prize."

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