THANK you to everyone who’s been on The Argus website recently – you have helped us make a superb start to 2018.

The site,, had total of 1,164,665 unique users in January – 13.1 per cent up on the previous month.

This tremendous growth shows we are heading in the right direction, with more people using our website and consuming more pages.

If you’ve not been on there lately, we highly recommend you join the crowd and go online for a daily diet of interesting, informative and entertaining content across news, sport and what’s on.

Our site is also a great platform for your business if you are looking to reach and influence large and highly engaged local audiences.

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Editor Arron Hendy said: “We are very proud of our website and how it has evolved.

“There is still a long way to go and we are looking at ways to further improve it.”

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