REPAIRS will be carried out on a Grade II listed tower after concerns were raised it is falling into disrepair.

Brighton resident Dean Ruckman said he was horrified by the state of the turret, also known as the folly, in Tarner Park off Sussex Street.

He said: “The building is in need of urgent maintenance attention due to neglect.

“The effect of this neglect has left the building in a dire state with weeds growing from within many areas of the flint walls as well as areas of the wall crumbling away with chunks missing.

“The history of Brighton will lose a great piece of heritage if this problem does not get the attention it desperately needs.

“The building was built in the 1800s. It was granted a Grade II listing in 2008 and is in the Carlton Hill conservation area.

“It is shameful that it has been allowed to slowly crumble away.

“Meanwhile, no more than a five minute walk down the road, a large development is in process on the old Amex site in Edward Street.

“Although new vibrant developments are great at generating money for the city, we need to remember and respect the history.

“After all, Brighton would not be the city it is today without the amazing history that helped build it.”

The park and tower are owned by Brighton and Hove City Council.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “We are very aware that it needs work doing to it.

“We will be clearing the overgrown vegetation on the tower in the next few weeks so that a full survey can be undertaken.

“Based on the survey, we will then programme in the work that is needed to make sure any important structural issues are addressed.”

The site of Tarner Park was formerly the gardens to St John’s Lodge, a large three-storey house built by Edward Tilbury.

The folly in Tarner Park, now commonly known as Tarner Tower, was built by Edward Tilbury in the early 1800s at the time of initial layout of the garden.

A badly vandalised plaque to this effect remains just legible inside the lower floor of the tower.

Tarner Community Project is a community focused charity based in the surroundings of Tarner Park.