WE HAVE all heard of speed dating.

It has been a way of helping many find love or, if not, been a little bit of fun.

Now a similar craze is about to come to Brighton to rescue people from loneliness.

Welcome Friendzone, the same concept as speed dating but with the aim of finding a friend rather than a lover.

All ages, genders and origins are welcome to get down to the Haberdasher’s Kitchen at C and H Fabrics in Western Road tomorrow to find a friend.

Participants get three minutes of talking to each other before moving on to the next person.

Organiser Laura King said: “Many people find their social circle has shrunk through no fault of their own, with their friends migrating on to social media never to be seen in real life again.

“People also lose friends to their ex-partner in relationship splits or because they’ve moved away for work or never had the chance to make good friends.

“Whatever the reason for feeling this lack in your life, you are not alone in feeling alone.

“That’s why we’re reclaiming the word ‘friendzone’ and turning it into an aim rather than a dating disappointment.”

Although not designed for people to find love, Laura added that this can sometimes be a by-product of the event.

It runs from 1.30pm to 3pm – and you can chat with your new-found friends over coffee and cake at a sweet price of £10 per ticket.

“It is all about what you have in common with the person facing you,” Laura said.

“And if that turns out to be not very much, that’s fine because every three minutes you’ll get to meet someone else – and so will they.

“There’ll be ‘ice breaker’ aids on each table if you dry up, and lots of laughter along the way, plus delicious coffee and cake.”

Laura, who is a student housing officer in her day job, claims this to be the first time an event of this kind has come to Brighton.

She said: “It has been big in the States, but I have never known it to be in Brighton.”

Laura said there is a limited number of tickets left, with about 30 people set to attend.

To book yours, go to eventbrite.co.uk.