SHIPPING Minister Nusrat Ghani and local MP Tim Loughton both visited Shoreham Port.

They were both shown around the port and discussed what goes on daily.

Informative and open discussions were held in the board room about the Masterplan which was revised less than a year ago.

The Port’s Masterplan sets out the strategy and proposals for the future development of the Port over the next 20 years.

Despite the snow and freezing temperatures over the past few days, Wealden MP Nusrat Ghani took part in a tug tour of the East Arm of the Port, to see first-hand the cargoes, fishing boats and leisure activities.

More than 1,600 jobs are provided at the port with further vacancies being created at the new Lady Bee Enterprise centre.

The wider role of the British Ports Association and the UK ports structure was discussed in detail, covering areas such as ferry ports, customs union, national freight strategy and connectivity.