WALK around town at the weekend and you may come across Hove’s answer to Monet.

Teacher Paul Cary, 53, has built a small following on Instagram with his impressionist style paintings of the area.

The father of two even counts Brighton and Hove Albion captain Bruno as a fan.

The Argus found Seagulls supporter Paul in the freezing cold, painting a snow-swept Palmeira Square.

He said the town’s beauty drove him out to the streets even as the cold plummeted to hand-freezing temperatures.

He said: “For the last year and a half I have been working around the streets of Hove capturing our beautiful architecture, and also the people and characters that work around the town.

“I think our community is beautiful.”

St John the Baptist Church in Palmeira Square and The Blind Busker pub have also been given the Paul treatment, along with restaurants in central Hove.

The Heathfield Community College design teacher creates his artwork with acrylic paint and canvas.

He spent ten hours in total outside in the cold creating his latest Palmeira Square picture.

Describing his style he said: “I am loosely an impressionist.

“I will always be painting the things around me and I will be painting the people as they work and are doing things.

“It all helps with the narrative of the painting.”

Paul, who can often be found with his trusty Albion hat and easel on the street being photographed by passersby, has also built up a small following on photo-sharing app Instagram.

His followers include Albion’s Bruno and Paul often includes him as one of the people in his paintings.

Paul is also a hit with Hove businesses – many have bought his paintings including Le Nantais Bistro and Brasserie Pascal.

To see more of Paul’s paintings of Hove, you can follow him on his instagram @paulythepainterhove.