CAMPAIGNERS have called for the organisers of a running event to clear up plastic bottles left behind by those taking part.

Many of the bottles dropped by runners in the Brighton Half Marathon last Sunday are thought to have blown into the sea.

Residents have raised concerns about the issue, saying they think the Lucozade bottles left along the route ended up on the beach, despite organisers attempting to clear up most of the waste afterwards.

Nicky Rohl, the owner of Moshimo restaurant in nearby Bartholomew Square, wrote on Facebook about how concerned he was at the “shocking sight”.

He said: “One of the issues was that people asked what evidence I have of bottles going into the sea. I now have that evidence in pictures.”

Environmental campaigners from Friends of The Earth also raised concerns about bottles being left behind at outdoor events and going on to harm the environment.

It is estimated that more than 8,000 competitors took part on race day.

Brighton and Hove City Council said it is speaking with race organisers about the issue of litter at the event.

A spokesman said: “The city council always does its utmost to clean up both during and after the many events we have in the city each year, though we are aware of some issues with litter at this event and are discussing this with the organisers.

“Both the events and running industries are looking into how to keep runners hydrated without the use of single-use plastics.”

The race organisers said they had asked runners to put their used bottles in bins that were located at various points along the route.

It had also carried out an organised clean up after the event.

Lucozade said it always seeks to be told that its products will not be littered at outdoor events and that an adequate clean-up is carried out.