PHIL Carr is 29 and originally set up the My PT Hub app in his grandmother’s spare bedroom.

The app is now the world’s number one software for personal trainers and is used by 55,000 trainers, 1.2 million clients and acquires a new customer every two minutes.

The company is about to move into its third office to cope with the massive growth.

Business reporter Peter Lindsey turns the spotlight on the Crawley success story.

MY PT Hub has grown by 4.5 times its size year on year and sees more than 18,000 new users a month.

But while many fitness brands are focused on money CEO Phil is focused on creating a great product for his user base.

It is a specialist app designed for personal trainers to use with their clients.

Using the app, personal trainers can create workouts and nutrition plans for their clients, while being able to manage their schedule and payments all in one app.

The idea came when Phil would see best friend Lewis walking around the gym with clients.

Both would have their phones trying to organise their next session as well as several bits of paper, trying to manage his schedule, book new appointments and achieve results for his clients.

Combining the knowledge of the fitness and digital sectors, in just five months the product was created and launched.

Phil said: “In the days where we rely on our smartphones, I thought it was mad that there wasn’t something like this already out there”.

While many competitors offered a ‘pay as you grow’ model, Phil made the decision to stay away from this; strongly believing that you shouldn’t penalise others success.

This is one of the factors that Phil credits his loyal user base to.

He said: “We started out as a just a team of three and we were thrilled when we made our first pound in 2015.

“I can’t believe that three years later we are now a team of 20 and hiring at a rate of someone new every six weeks.

“I’m extremely proud of the growth of My PT Hub.

“It’s a product which can genuinely provide a full service solution – no third-party add-ons required.

“All of the support team are qualified personal trainers as we wanted each team member to be able to provide real contextual answers when questions popped up from customers.

“We’ve got some really exciting projects in the pipeline with some large fitness companies.

“People are wanting to use the product for their own gyms/clubs and businesses are wanting to integrate it with their software.

“This is set to be a really exciting year for us and I can’t wait to announce amazing partnerships, features and new products releases.”