AN INSURANCE company has launched an initiative to help small businesses think big when it comes to holding on to their talent and competing with major companies in the recruitment market.

SJA Health Insurance, based in Pulborough, has partnered with Pure Benefits.

This provides small businesses with a way to obtain the wide range of employee benefits normally associated with large companies.

These include private medical insurance, income protection, critical illness cover and travel insurance.

According to Government figures, there are 1.3 million businesses in the UK with 50 employees or less, many of whom are unlikely to offer employee the kind of benefits that those working for large organisations enjoy.

MD Andrew Leach said: “When you are a small business, one of the biggest challenges is keeping hold of your best people and bringing in the new talent you need to strengthen your team as you grow.

“The best way to do that is by offering the kind of incentives that make your business look just as attractive as bigger companies, which is why our new partnership is proving to be so useful.”