A WOMAN beater has been jailed for three years for a series of violent assaults against an ex-partner.

Anthony Benwell, 38, attacked the woman on April 21, leaving her in a distressed state with multiple cuts and bruises.

It was subsequently found the unemployed man, of Valebridge Drive, Burgess Hill, had attacked the woman on numerous other occasions.

He was sentenced when he appeared at Hove Crown Court on Thursday, having pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to causing grievous bodily harm and actual bodily harm to the 36-year old woman.

He was given two-and-a -half years for the GBH and six months for the ABH, to run consecutively.

At a previous hearing Benwell was also given an indefinite court restraining order prohibiting him from any further contact with the woman.

Detective Inspector Sue Neilson, said: “This victim had suffered previous assaults by Benwell but this was the first time she had fully supported police action enabling justice. This was partly because Benwell was arrested at the scene and kept in custody, allowing her time to get the support she needed to end the cycle of abuse. We are very grateful for the actions of members of the public who came to her aid.”