THREE transport police officers rescued an disabled couple from a burning block of flats.

A member of the public flagged down the vehicle PC Sacha Patterson and his colleagues PC Melissa Knight and PC Sean Booth were in to alert them to the blaze.

Smoke was bellowing out of a third floor flat into the hallways as the officers ran in.

They knocked on the doors of all of the flats and helped residents to safety before the fire and rescue service arrived.

PC Knight and PC Booth, just a few weeks into the job, helped an elderly disabled couple down from their flat which was opposite the one ablaze in Bognor.

PC Patterson, who attended hospital to receive treatment for smoke inhalation, said: “Without a moment’s hesitation, both PC Knight and PC Booth ran into the building to make sure everyone could get out safely.

“Melissa was only about five weeks into the job and Sean just two weeks.

“This is why we joined the job. We want to help people so it’s great to see them both getting recognition for doing just that.”