A MOTHER broke down in tears as she recounted when her 14-year-old daughter told her she was allegedly raped.

The teenager was at a sleepover when she was allegedly raped by a 13-year-old boy at his home in Brighton in June 2016.

Brighton Youth Court heard there had been a change in the girl’s behaviour before she told her mother she had been pinned down and raped while she was in bed watching a film with the boy.

Crying whilst giving evidence, the mother told the court: “I started to see a change in my daughter. She was really tearful, not taking care of her appearance and was really depressed. She started getting complaints at school and she just looked like a shadow of herself.

“Eventually it came to a head and she broke down and told me what happened. She said the boy forced himself on her and it went from there. She cried and I could not take what she was saying in, as I loved the boy, her friend, like a son.

“I then messaged him because she showed me messages between them.”

Taking the stand the boy, who was arrested in August 2016, strenuously denied trying to kiss the girl, having sexual intercourse consensually with the girl and rape.

He claimed the girl, a family friend and schoolmate, made up the lie as he rejected her kiss at one of their sleepovers.

Giving evidence he said: “She was saying how she broke up with her ex, then she told me she liked me.

“After more talking she moved close and leaned over me and she went to kiss me.

“I moved aways and she went quiet. She seemed a bit awkward. I then just rolled over to sleep and she was gone when I woke up.”

Under cross-examination, the boy rejected the girl’s claim that he had forced his sister out the room so he could have sex with her.

In his closing submission, prosecutor Richard Cherrill, said: “Although I noted her difficult home life, it is unlikely to cause her to lose the plot and make up a horrendous story.”

Sarah Tate, defending, said: “Taking everything into account, you cannot be sure the girl is telling the truth despite what her family and friends want you to believe. I invite you to find him not guilty.”

The boy denies one count of rape.

District Judge Tessa Szagun will make her judgement later this month.