RESIDENTS are still living in terror of antisocial behaviour in Peacehaven.

Unruly teenagers congregate in gangs of up to 30 outside the town’s Meridian centre - terrorising security guards and leaving shoppers scared out of their wits.

Police have promised to bring back patrols on Friday and Saturday nights but terrified residents say they are affected every night of the week.

One resident said that on Sunday night she saw two boys “jump and grab the two security guards, I thought they were about to be stabbed.”

On Tuesday night she saw a group of around 30 youths round on a shopkeeper in his own store.

Police promised to increase patrols in the town after The Argus reported in July that residents were scared to go out at night after the town’s police station closed. Eventually in September police promised to restore patrols.

However the problems have continued with the shopper saying she no longer feels safe shopping at the Co-op.

She said: “Fifteen youths were in the Meridian Centre causing mayhem. One of the shop owners dog bit one of the bikers on the leg as a defence. The bike was coming towards him. Suddenly another 15 youths turned up. 30 of them were threatening and surrounding the shop owner. This was 7pm when there were still shoppers around with babies in prams etc.

Sussex Police said yesterday that patrols were returning on Friday and Saturday evenings but antisocial behaviour continues all week.

The concerned resident added: “I feel that if the police do not attend on a nightly basis then a security guard will get hurt, injured or killed.

“Every afternoon many large teenage boys with their bikes come into the mall. They take no notice of the security guards when asked to leave. A woman was knocked by a bike the other day.

“I saw two boys jump and manhandle the security guards but they were helpless to do anything as they have no power of arrest. Some of the boys are actually banned from every Co-op in the UK and yet they hang around the Peacehaven branch causing disturbances. The other day eight older boys were shouting out profanities to the security guards.

“The businesses that are left want to leave.

“The boys on bikes weave in and out of old people and children and at night they congregate to goad the security guards. If the security guards have little or no power then why can’t the police come to the rescue?

"The guards have been kicked, punched and spat at and one was ran over by a bike.

“A lady only last week was knocked by a bike.

“Nobody is taking responsibility and yet it is a health and safety issue of the utmost urgency. What are the police doing.? Nothing.”

Inspector Simon Burroughs said; “We are continuing to work with the management company, security team and Peacehaven Town Council to address some ongoing complaints of anti-social behaviour at the Meridian Centre.

“We have also re-introduced Operation Blitz across Lewes District, including Peacehaven, targeting any hotspots for anti-social behaviour on a Friday and Saturday night, and would encourage members of the public to sign up to ‘In The Know’ on the contact us part of the Sussex Police website at

“Anyone who has specific concerns about anti-social behaviour or other offending in the area can contact our local prevention team at

“But if it is an emergency dial 999.”