A KIND-HEARTED stranger has offered to paint an elderly woman’s house after it was defaced by vandals.

Daniel Phipps read The Argus’s story about buildings in Brighton city centre being targeted by criminals in an early-morning crime spree on December 8.

One of those buildings was the home of 70-year-old Sue Russell.

The word Pluto was daubed across the front of her Steine Street home in silver spray paint, and she said she would have to paint over it herself as she is selling the home in the new year.

Daniel contacted The Argus to make the offer of helping her paint over the mess.

The 31-year-old art teacher, who lives in the North Laine area of Brighton, said: “I would love to help.

“I read the story and the thought of someone’s house being targeted is just not nice.

“Tagging is an art when it’s done properly but it doesn’t need to be done on people’s homes.”

Daniel saw others bickering about what defines street art on a Facebook thread about the original story, but thought he had to take action rather than argue.

He said: “I was thinking of any way to help. People were talking about what street art is and I thought, ‘I don’t see how that’s going to help anyone’.

“This just seems like a nice thing to do.”

During the early-morning graffiti wave, a man was caught on camera vandalising Bar Broadway.

Owner Michael McGarrigle told The Argus he will have to pay £300 to reverse the damage to his business.

“It seems to be quite an issue,” said Daniel.

“It upsets me how it affects local businesses like the bar. People don’t just have that kind of money to pull out their pockets.”