A KISSAGRAM who once lap danced for Simon Cowell has been cleared of assaulting a client and making a false report to police.

Magistrates in Brighton found Kerri Graham, 48, not guilty of hitting a man with her phone in an argument over her fee and not guilty of making a false report of sexual assault to police.

Ms Graham, from Thurrock in Essex, was acquitted after being accused of assaulting Rakesh Pathak following a two-day trial.

Ms Graham was in tears as magistrate Jo King said the prosecution had failed to prove its case against her.

Following the verdict, Ms Graham said: “I should never have been here in the first place.”

The court heard Mr Pathak had not made a complaint to police following the incident and was not being prosecuted.

He had taken out his private parts and was trying to pull her towards him in his car after hiring Ms Graham to perform at his brother-in-law’s stag party in March this year, the magistrate said.

Ms King said there were considerable inconsistencies in the account of the night given by Ms Graham and they were unable to say if the sexual assault took place.

“He is not being tried,” the magistrate said.

Ms Graham told the court during her trial she had been too embarrassed to tell police the full story.

Clearing Ms Graham of wasting police time, Ms King said: “We cannot be sure that the sexual assault claim was false.”

The magistrates concluded the absence of corroboration meant they could not be sure Ms Graham had hit Mr Pathak with her phone and cleared her of the assault charge.

At an earlier hearing, prosecutors described how Ms Graham was refused permission to strip in a bar the men were drinking in and was then rejected by a nearby nightclub.

She offered to perform for the groom in her car, which was parked nearby, but was told he was handcuffed to a dwarf and they couldn’t all squeeze into her Hyundai, the court heard.

Mr Pathak claims she refused to return his money and threatened to say he had raped her when he grabbed her bag to look for it.

The court heard he took her bag “to bargain” with her and ripped the rear windscreen wiper from her car.

Mr Pathak claims Graham struck him on the forehead while holding her phone, leaving him with a cut.

In court yesterday Ms Graham was cleared of all charges.