A MAN has been left terrified after being attacked in his home in the middle of the night.

Andy Knight, 29, was asleep at his home in Tisbury Road, Hove when a man he did not know knocked on the door at 4am on December 23.

The man said he was looking for someone called Josh, but after Mr Knight sent him away he returned an hour later and barged his way into the flat, hitting Mr Knight repeatedly in the head and face.

He said: “I am really scared.

“I was in total shock and still am. I know it sounds really stupid and I hate myself for it but I couldn’t remember anything about what he was wearing or what he looked like. I feel a total idiot

“I just don’t understand why this happened. I don’t drink or go out much as I’m ill.

“It just makes no sense I’m so confused upset annoyed at my stupid self I just don’t understand why it happened.”

Reliving the incident he said: “Someone knocked on my door about 4am saying where is Josh, I said sorry you have the wrong house. I assumed he was just drunk and had the wrong house. I have no idea who Josh is.

“At about 5am he knocked on my door again he said said ‘where is Josh I need Josh where is he?’.

“I said ‘please go away you have the wrong house’.

“He then said ‘give me a fag’ I said no .

“He then suddenly charged at me pushing me back and kept hitting me in the head and face. I eventually managed to push him out the door and locked it.”

Mr Knight was left with a graze to his head and a bleeding nose as a result of the attack, which he has reported to the police.

Mr Knight said he is deperately hoping that someone in the area has CCTV that might have caught his attack or remembers seeing the man.

He added: “I’m just so scared to be in my own house. I just want this person caught. I know I’m stupid for not remembering what he looked like and hate myself for not remembering."

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "A man was assaulted in an apparently random attack at the doorway of his home in the early hours of Saturday morning (December 23).

"At around 4am, a man knocked on the door of the flat in Tisbury Road in an intoxicated state and asked for 'Josh'. The occupier told him that there was nobody of that name and that address and closed the door.

"About an hour later, the same man knocked again, this time punching the occupier causing a bloodied nose and bruising to his forehead.

"The man is described as white and of large build. Police officers attended and searched the area, but there was no trace of anyone meeting the description."

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to report online at sussex.police.uk/appealresponse or call 101 quoting serial 264 of December 23.