ASSISTANT Chief Constable Steve Barry gave the following statement about police information given out following the Brighton and Hove Albion V Crystal Palace match on November 28, when there was crowd trouble.

ACC Barry said: “We have apologised for our mistake in releasing information post-match following the November fixture that had not been fully assessed.

“We always strive to properly evaluate the credibility and relevance of a huge amount of information before we make it public, but on this occasion we got it wrong.

“We have reviewed how this happened and we are satisfied that we understand the reasons. These have already been addressed to prevent such an occurrence happening again.

“Ultimately, the disorder we saw was down to a few mindless individuals intent on causing trouble.

“All the other home and away fans were there to enjoy watching a game of football.

“Our investigation into the offences committed is progressing well, with a number of people already dealt with by the courts and we are now focused on planning for Monday.”