TV presenter Anna Williamson took time out to read a short story to schoolchildren as part of an NHS campaign.

The star was asked by Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group to create a tale for its #IAMWHOLE drive.

The campaign is being launched today as part of World Mental Health Day and is focusing on the health and wellbeing of children.

Ms Williamson, who is also a Childline counsellor and has had mental health issues of her own, came up with the story Flo and the Funny Feelings.

It focuses on a nine-year-old girl who is experiencing worry, stress and anxiety for the very first time.

Research shows almost one in ten of all five to 16 year olds in the UK suffers from a clinically diagnosable mental health problem.

Of those, 70 per cent have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age.

The book also aims to encourage young children to think about their behaviour towards others who might be suffering from poor mental health.

It will also give them the confidence to speak out if they themselves are experiencing feelings of anxiety or stress.

The book will be available to download for free by schools throughout the UK.

Ms Williamson said: “Mental health is so important to us all, and I’m very passionate about educating children in an age-appropriate way so they have the tools to cope as they grow up.”

CCG clinical lead for mental health Becky Jarvis said: “As a GP I often see parents who are struggling to find the words to talk to their child about mental health issues.

“We know that by the age of 14 nearly ten per cent of boys and 25 per cent of girls are experiencing symptoms of depression, but talking to young children about their feelings can be very challenging when words like anxiety are hard to explain.

“Flo and the funny feeling is a tool for teachers and parents to start a conversation with children about how they are feeling, and about how to get help if they do start to have difficulties”

For more details and to download the book, visit