A GROUP of volunteers travelling abroad to educate refugees has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Crisis Classroom is a Brighton community interest company which trains volunteers to provide education to those who cannot get to school.

The team is leaving Brighton later this month to travel back along the refugee route of Europe with its mobile school.

It aims to find out what migrants and refugees settling into life in Europe need now, how those needs are currently being met and what the Brighton community can do to contribute.

But it needs to raise money to fund the trip.

After spending a year teaching and learning in the Calais refugee camp in 2015/16, Crisis Classroom co-founders Kate McAllister and Darren Abrahams developed a unique, human-centred methodology for teaching and learning, a training programme for volunteers who want to offer their skills and expertise, and innovative solutions to creating classrooms where there is nothing.

Ms McAllister said: “Currently, 65.8 million people in the world are displaced.

“They’re temporary, moving and waiting, sometimes for generations. Some people are permanently temporary.

“Although we can’t solve all their problems, we can at the very least equip people with extra skills, knowledge, advice, and guidance so that when they settle somewhere they want to call home, they are ready to make the best of it.”

Crisis Classroom supports people to support others and teaches people to teach.

Its training programme prepares volunteers to offer lessons and workshops in everything from languages to Taekwondo, from coding to cooking.

Students often go on to become volunteer educators themselves.

Kate said: “We are offering training and access to a global network of people who will connect you and your skills with some of the many displaced and vulnerable people across Brighton and beyond who desperately need them.

“This training works especially well with existing teams and sponsorship packages for businesses, clubs, and NGOs are available upon request.

Co-founder Darren Abrahams said: “By pledging your support for this project, you will power our journey across Europe, build new relationships and connections across the continent and take your skills out into the world.”

To donate, visit chuffed.org/project/crisis-classroom.