SPONSORED BY B&W GROUP Winner: Qasim Haque SCIENCE teacher Qasim Haque’s dedication to his work is an inspiration to those who work with him and to those who are lucky enough to have him as their teacher at Hove Park.

He consistently goes the extra mile but never looking for recognition, not least to build comprehensive GCSE revision packs for his class, staying up until 1am each night to get them done.

Qasim said: “It’s very nice to be recognised.

“We put a lot of extra time above and beyond school hours which is not always known, so I’m very pleased with the recognition.”

Mr Haque’s revision packs are legendary at Hove Park School, and students have raved about how much the packs have helped when it comes to swotting up for their exams.

He added: “I think teaching and the way that students learn has evolved and I think we need to move with the times.

“I wanted to make something that appealed to the YouTube generation, so I tried to re-invent a way in which to help students revise.”