A MOTHER stricken with cancer has launched a fundraising campaign to pay for treatment, which would allow her to spend more precious time with her young sons.

Giselle Chamberlain, 45, from Portslade, has an aggressive form of breast cancer, which has spread and left her with tumours in the brain.

After being told by doctors there was nothing more they could do, Giselle says her only hope is treatment not available on the NHS.

She is now hoping to raise £100,000 for immunotherapy, which her oncologist says could be hugely beneficial and allow her to spend more time with her two boys.

Through the dedication and support of family, friends and strangers she has already raised £45,000 but is still far from her target.

She said: “It has been absolutely amazing. We have had friends who are DJs raise £3,000 from a night and auction at the Black Dove in Brighton.We have also had friends running half marathons for me. We are blown away really.”

The former Sussex University researcher was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2014. After bravely facing surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Giselle was relieved to be declared cancer free. But in 2016 she was having headaches, which led to the discovery of a large tumour the size of golf ball in her brain.

The cancer had spread and she had to undergo urgent life-saving brain surgery.

Again she thought she was in the clear, but recently she and her family were shocked to be told more aggressive tumours have appeared scattered throughout her brain.

Giselle recently endured a course of whole brain radiotherapy but doctors said it would only slow the growth of the tumours and that there were no further treatment options left on the NHS.

She is now hoping state-of-the-art immunotherapy will help her spend more precious time with husband Dom and sons Luke, 13, and five-year Oscar.

She said: “I want to have immunotherapy because I’ve been told that it could be beneficial.

“My 13-year-old is choosing his options and I’ve got a five-year-old, I’d quite like him to remember me. The more time I can get the better.”

Immunotherapy is a treatment that wakes up a patient’s own immune system so it can fight cancer.

The treatment recently made headlines when former Culture Minister Tessa Jowell said she was willing to try the treatment in a bid to beat her brain cancer.

She has called for cancer sufferers to be able to try more experimental treatments on the NHS.

Some 16,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with a brain tumour every year but the survival rates are horribly low.

At around £15,000 per immunotherapy treatment, Giselle is fundraising hard to meet her target of £100,000.

She is welcoming the public to family fun day Lagoona Matata at Hove Lagoon, near Big Beach Café, with entertainment, activities and raffles on March 17 from 1pm to 6pm.

To donate to Giselle’s fundraising campaign you can visit www.youcaring.com/gisellechamberlain-1054141.