A THIEF who was caught after boasting about stealing £50,000 worth of designer goods – including a glove signed by Floyd Mayweather – has been jailed, a newspaper has reported.

Alexander Evans, from Eastbourne, admitted to raiding Overhype in Aberdeen, Scotland, on November 30, stripping the store of nearly all its merchandise.

The total value of goods stolen from the store was £50,000, which included a glove signed by world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, while £40,000 worth of stock was recovered and returned.

Appearing at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, Evans also pleaded guilty to a drugs charge and to attempting to abscond from police custody following his arrest.

The 28-year-old was sentenced to two years behind bars, according to The Sun.

Following the robbery, police found a black surgical glove in a nearby lane that was forensically examined and linked to Evans.

Overhype owner Sam Rattray was also sent a video via Facebook which showed his stock and Evans walking through his flat boasting about the items he had snatched.

The 19-year-old reportedly said the sentence “doesn't really put me up or down, but I'm glad he got punished for what he did”.

"We couldn't believe it on the day we walked in and found the shop like that - we were speechless,” he said. "We worked so hard to get the shop in good shape.

"It was a brand-new shop and we'd literally spent months doing it up. We were open for a month and had pre-ordered the security equipment, but with the coronavirus delays, it was taking ages.

"We had to open before we got it all installed, so they couldn't have caught us at a better time.”

The Argus: Alexander Evans, from East Sussex, admitted to raiding Overhype in Aberdeen, Scotland, on November 30Alexander Evans, from East Sussex, admitted to raiding Overhype in Aberdeen, Scotland, on November 30

According to The Sun, Fiscal depute Lynne MacVicar told the court: "In the video, Mr Evans also indicated that he planned to do the same at a couple of other high-end shops.

“Mr Rattray showed the video to his business partner who immediately recognised the accused as having been in the shop the day prior to the break-in.

"On December 4, 2020, police attended at the accused's flat. The door was insecure, and police entered in order to trace the accused, who had outstanding apprehension warrants.

"The accused, along with piles of stolen clothes, accessories and footwear were found within. Police also recovered a hammer and crowbar from the bedroom of the flat."

During the search, officers also found more than 26 grams of cocaine, worth around £1,200.

Evans, originally from East Sussex, was also charged with attempting to flee police custody in December 2020 while he was being taken to be medically assessed after he lied about having consumed heroin.

Graham Morrison, defending, told the court Evans had suffered from drug addiction since he was a teenager but was also a talented tattoo artist.

"His intention is to return to Eastbourne and begin working in that area again,” he said.

Sheriff Morag McLaughlin sentenced Evans to 24 months in prison backdated to December 7, 2020.