Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have celebrated International Women’s Day by encouraging young female students to pursue careers in subjects such as science and maths.

The couple arrived at Millennium Point in Birmingham to take part in building apps and touchpads and listening to the students’ motivations for pursuing different careers.

Around 90 female students gathered around a number of tables as the pair encouraged each of them to work in Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) fields.

And in keeping with the theme of technology and science, the couple donned a pair of futuristic virtual headsets.

They started the event by trying the headsets with students from Blessed Edward Oldcorne School in Birmingham before looking at other technology such as pianos made from bananas and how to “hack the web”.

The pupils described the experience as “surreal” as both the prince and the Suits star told them how impressed they were with their technical abilities.

The couple also gave prizes to three winners of a speech-writing competition in which they spoke about their most inspiring women.

Harry and Ms Markle nodded in approval after each of the speeches and gave all three a generous clap at the end.

The couple left the event after both were given a goody bag which said: “I am not just a bag, I am a Stemettes bag.”

They received a huge round of applause from the students as they left for their next event.