Chris Eubank opened up about his son Sebastian's death in an emotional interview on Good Morning Britain today.

The boxer reflected on the tragedy after Sebastian died of a heart attack in July earlier this year at the age of 29.

Chris told GMB: "I look at the life of Sebastian, Sebastian was a true champion.

"My son was a warrior in that he was out there to help the poor [and] the disenfranchised.

"There's two views with my son, the physical I will never get over.

"No parent can get over because you've invested all this time from birth to 29, all this time, all this energy, all this love and then he's gone, so you can't recover from that.

"But the inner you, if you know the spirit world and you believe in the spirit world my son is with me," he added.

Chris will also be setting up a foundation in his son's name.

He said: "It isn't money I am looking for with the foundation, it is awareness.

"We have to look after the poor, we have to look after the disadvantaged, we have to look after our neighbour."

"Sebastian... that's my boy,"

He was righteous and true always helping people. He always told me don't do things for you, do them for other people. That will always stay with me," he added.

Watch Chris Eubank's Good Morning Britain interview

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