Lorraine Kelly has revealed she had to have a difficult chat with her daughter Rosie since she returned to the UK after living abroad.

27-year-old Rosie has been living in Singapore for the past three years but is now back living in the UK.

Rosie has now returned to live wit her mum Lorrain with whom she feature’s on Channel 4’s Gogglebox.

Lorraine also presents her self-titled show on ITV every weekday morning from 9am until 10am.

What Lorraine Kelly said to her daughter on return to UK

Speaking to The Sun, Lorraine said: "I had to have a conversation I didn’t like having with her, which was to say 'look, you’re not in Singapore anymore. You can’t walk home on your own.'"

She added: "I’m not just talking about London.

"I'm talking about every major city in the UK. You do have to be careful. That was in a way quite a sad thing to have to do but absolutely vital, which is a great shame.

It comes as National Police Chiefs’ Council chairman Martin Hewitt said that  police bosses were doing “everything that we can do to ensure that the way we deal with violence against women and girls is as effective and as assertive as it can be”.

The move is a bid to restore public trust in the service after Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens was jailed for the 33-year-old marketing executive’s kidnap, rape and murder.