HBO has a great catalogue of prestige television shows including the likes of Succession, Westworld, Your Honor, The White Lotus and many more.

It even has its own streaming service in HBO Max, where it has all of these shows in one place to view at your leisure.

However, if you live in the UK then you aren't able to access these shows on that platform, as it is not available there.

This might mean people missing out on plenty of exciting television and other specials, such as the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Renunion special.

There is a way to watch these shows in the UK though so that you can keep up to date.

How to watch HBO Max shows in the UK? 

Whilst you cannot get get HBO Max in the UK, most of the shows on that service can be found on Sky.

HBO has an exclusive deal with Sky meaning that HBO shows are first broadcast on Sky channels before they go anywhere else - usually starting with Sky Atlantic. 

Additionally, many of these shows will also be available to watch on Sky's streaming service NOW TV.

Packages for Sky TV are available for £26 a month from their website.

Currently NOW TV have a deal on where you can get four months use of their service for £9.98 a month.