The BBC has announced a slate of programming for 2022 as the broadcaster celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Special content will range from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee to the Women’s Euros, the World Cup and Commonwealth Games, a host of new dramas and comedies plus Frozen Planet II.

Additionally, several specials from some of the BBC's biggest shows will be marking the centenary in their own, such as Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Who, Top Gear, MasterChef, The Apprentice and Antiques Roadshow.

New TV and audio documentaries will consider the history of the BBC and its impact on public life over the last 100 years.

As a further treat for music fans, the biggest names from across the BBC will curate their personal music mixes for listeners on BBC Sounds as part of a collection called My Sounds, with names and tracks to be announced next year.

Charlotte Moore, BBC Chief Content Officer says: "Our centenary year will be a huge treat for audiences of all ages from massive sporting events, comedy, entertainment, drama, arts and music, to documentaries assessing all aspects of the BBC’s history.

"BBC 100 will celebrate and reflect on the unique role the BBC plays in the lives of audiences across the UK as our much cherished national broadcaster from its creation right up to the present day."

What are some of the shows that will mark BBC 100?

The comedy The Love Box In Your Living Room with Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse will take a look at the BBC’s last 100 years mixing contemporary footage with “genuinely authentic made-up stuff”.

On CBBC children will be entertained by Horrible Histories: BBC’s Big Birthday Bonanza! in a special of the multi-award winning comedy series, packed with fascinating facts and jokes about the Corporation.

Here’s One I Made Earlier with former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq will explore and celebrate the very best of British Children’s Programming from the past 100 years. The programme will track content from the very first radio broadcast of Children’s Hour in 1922, via the iconic Magic Roundabout, right through to Saturday morning megahits such as Going Live.

The Argus: David Dimbleby will host his own series exploring the history of the BBC (Suki Dhanda/BBC)David Dimbleby will host his own series exploring the history of the BBC (Suki Dhanda/BBC)

Three-part series David Dimbleby's BBC: A Very British History will trace the impact of the BBC on British life across recent decades. He will explore the Corporation's role in major moments of political and cultural change, its conflicts with governments over the years, its own public controversies and how it continues to engage with the British people and attempts to represent a diverse and changing nation.

BBC Three will also return with a renewed focus on British drama with four series written by and starring some of the foremost new talent and voices the UK has to offer.