Morrisons has launched a range of Christmas doughnuts this year.

If you like tucking into festive treats, Morrisons is the place to go as it also recently shared the news of its Christmas Market Street items. 

The doughnuts are available now in stores where they’re made from scratch every day by the supermarket’s bakers.

Which festive doughnuts are available?

Morrisons Gingerbread Doughnut – This doughnut has a caramelised biscuit filling, chocolate glaze and a mini gingerbread man sits on top. 

Morrisons Snowman Doughnut – There is a strawberry filling inside and it’s coated with a sticky white glaze, chocolate chips for eyes and mouth and a glacé cherry nose. 

Morrisons Festive Sprinkle – This is a classic ring doughnut which has a chocolate glaze and is decorated with red and green sprinkles.

The Argus: Morrisons Christmas doughnuts (Morrisons)Morrisons Christmas doughnuts (Morrisons)

The Christmas doughnuts will be sold in a mixed pack of 3 and will cost £2 which works out at less than 70p per doughnut.

The Christmas Doughnuts are available in 450 stores nationwide and will not be sold online.

Jacob Cox, Chief Doughnut Developer at Morrisons, said: “We love coming up with new additions to our doughnut range. They’re a really popular item in-store and our customers always let us know which ones are their favourites. We hope they enjoy these three new flavours as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.”

The Argus: Mince Pie Popcorn (Morrisons)Mince Pie Popcorn (Morrisons)

Morrisons also has Christmas Pudding flavour Soft Bake Cookies and Mince Pie Popcorn available in all stores for customers to buy.

The supermarket is also selling The Best Gingerbread Frosting in all stores so you can enjoy baking your own cakes at home.

You can also find the Christmas Pudding Cookies, Mince Pie Popcorn and Gingerbread Frosting online.