Third doses of covid vaccinations will be displayed in the NHS travel app from Friday, November 19.

According to Which? this means that those who have had their booster jab will be able to prove their fully vaccinated status when travelling.

Previously, the app did not have the capacity to display proof of booster jabs, meaning those whose ‘fully vaccinated’ status relied on a booster shot were unable to easily prove their immunity while travelling.

Which? states that Croatia, Austria and Switzerland are amongst a small but growing number of countries that have set limits on the validity of vaccines and vaccine passports.

All three only consider travellers ‘fully vaccinated’ for one year after their second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.  This validity can be extended by a further year with a booster third jab

Travellers who haven't had a booster jab or cannot provide evidence of one will have to follow entry rules for unvaccinated travellers, which involves providing a negative PCR test before travel which could add unecessary cost to a holiday.

What is the situation for Scotland and Wales?

Currently in Scotland a booster jab won't show up on your Covid pass, with only the first and second dose showing.

It is possible to download proof of your vaccinations on your phone via the NHS Scotland Covid status app

Meanwhile in Wales requesting a Covid pass has to come from the NHS UK website, as they option of an app isn't available there.