The UK's most naturally happy and sad locations based on the number of hours of sunlight they receive has been revealed.

A new data-led study by Beds Divans has analysed over 425 UK weather stations to find which area in the UK is scientifically the happiest.

Based on the total number of sunlight hours an area has over the winter period, the study shows that Chichester is naturally the happiest place in the UK, with the city seeing 232 hours of predicted sunlight this winter.

Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum Bradford was shown to be the most naturally unhappy place in the UK, with the city only getting a predicted 110 hours of sunlight in winter.

The Argus: Research was conducted based on the number of hours of sunlight a location received (PA)Research was conducted based on the number of hours of sunlight a location received (PA)

This study comes out ahead of Blue Monday on January 17, which is most commonly associated as the 'saddest' day of the year.

The research was inspired by around two million people in the UK being affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), as around two-fifths of UK adults feel more depressed due to dark nights.

What were the UK's happiest and saddest places?

Top 10 happiest places in the UK

1. Chichester - 232 hours of winter sunlight

2. Hastings - 227 hours

3. St Helens - 227 hours

4. Eastbourne - 222 hours

5. Southend - 216 hours

6. Poole - 216 hours

7. Brighton - 215 hours

8. Ipswich - 214 hours

9. Peterborough - 214 hours

10. Bournemouth - 212 hours

Top 10 saddest places in the UK

1. Bradford - 110 hours

2. Barnsley - 110 hours

3. Rochdale - 125 hours

4. Glasgow - 137 hours

5. Paisley - 140 hours

6. Belfast - 141 hours

7. York - 145 hours

8. Gateshead - 146 hours

9. Preston - 147 hours

10. Sevenoaks - 154 hours