To most pet owners, their four-legged friends are more like members of the family and would never knowingly let them come to harm.

However, there are lots of hidden dangers in your home which could be hazardous to the animals you share your home with.

With that in mind, insurance provider Protectivity have released some tips on what to look out for in your home you should keep out of reach of inquisitive paws.


13 hidden home dangers to pets

  1. Houseplants and fresh-cut flowers: Certain plants and fresh-cut flowers can be toxic to pets, such as lilies.
  2. Electrical cables: Pets like to chew so keep electrical cables well out of the.
  3. Cleaning agents: Many household cleaners contain highly toxic chemicals – keep them well away from pets.
  4. Garden dangers: Dangerous compounds are not confined to inside your home, weedkillers, pesticides, and other garden chemicals also pose a threat, along with hazards posed by machinery such as lawnmowers and strimmers.
  5. Food: The PDSA points out many of the foods welcomed by humans can actually be poisonous to pets. “Goodies” such as chocolate, nuts, and grapes must be avoided among other things.
  6. Medicines, vitamins, and supplements: Hopefully, you are already in the practice of keeping such things locked away in your medicine cabinet but make doubly sure to keep them well away from curious pets.
  7. Pet prescriptions: The same goes for medicines prescribed to your pet. Make sure the dosage advice gets followed properly rather than the animal scoffing the lot in one go.
  8. Batteries: Take particular care of any loose or discarded batteries since they can cause nasty internal burns and poisoning.
  9. Coins: Not only can they cause internal blockages but certain metals used in coins can also prove toxic.
  10. Plastic bags: Most of us are alert to the dangers of asphyxiation in children from plastic bags and the risks are just as great – or even greater – when it comes to the pets.
  11. Household appliances: Always keep the doors to washing machines and tumble driers firmly closed and check no pets have snuck inside before you switch on.
  12. Paper shredders: A particular danger is posed by shredding machines – some of which are too easily switched on and activated by a curious pet – so, keep the power supply disconnected and use only when curious animals are out of sight.
  13. Toilet seats: Keep these down when not in use to prevent curious pets ending up going in headfirst.


So, to make sure your fur babies stay fit and well, be aware of those hidden dangers in your home and keep them out of reach.